Thursday, 8 February 2018

I need to pay more attention

So, I crashed my car, boohoo. I’m pretty sure driving’s not for me, I much prefer getting a lift.
*The other driver’s fine, I’m all good and my car’s fixed*

I'm always in a rush. I rush to work in the morning, so I can get back before dark to walk my dog and subsequently rush home from work. I rush to the gym and then from the gym to Ben's house and then I rush to the train station, the following morning so Ben catches his train on time and then I rush to work.
I know I do it, but when my mum and dad tell me to chill, I’m like, will you give it a rest people.
But I definitely should have listened, because I was late to meet one of the girls at the gym last Thursday and I accidentally pulled out on someone.
It’s actually the second crash I’ve had but, the other accident didn’t involve another vehicle. This time I panicked big time. My first thought was, what if I’ve killed somebody. All because I’m rushing to the gym, which is open for another five hours yet anyway.  
Luckily it was nowhere near that severe and the other driver escaped unscathed. Thank goodness.   
I, on the other hand almost lost my teeth. Haha. Once I’d seen the other driver was fine my panic quickly shifted to my teeth which had bounced off the steering wheel. No way did I suffer through braces for three years for it to end like this. But, luckily, they’re all still intact, just about.
So, £300 and a dose of antibiotics later, I am no longer in any kind of rush.
My mum reckons this is one of those life lesson moments, and I’ll never be in a rush again. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case but I’ve definitely realised that I either need to manage my time better or stop worrying about being late to places that aren’t work or appointments.

I’m sure this will breeze in and out of your mind as quickly as you read it but, I know for definite we’re all guilty of thinking about the next place we must get to in the next 2 minutes or the world will end. How dumb, it’s more important to arrive in one piece.
I was rushing to the gym because losing weight before my holiday is the most important thing in the world right now, but instead I crashed my car and didn’t get to the gym that day, or the following two because I was too sore. Haha, karma got me.
I can’t actually believe I’ve written a whole post about the most un-dramatic car crash ever. I guess it was more of a reminder to chill.
Oh, I forgot to mention my driver’s window burst the week before, whilst I was driving along. Cars hate me.

This week’s outfit pics didn’t turn out great so apologies, I’m using these as back-up. You will also be pleased to know; these god-awful roots are no more. I popped in to see my hairdresser last night and I’m now rootless and lilac, ready for holiday. Woo.  

I'm thinking about uploading some kind of hair chat/routine whilst my colour is fresh, what do you think? 


  1. I loved this post, you made so many good points about rushing. I too have find myself preoccupied with thinking what’s next rather than focusing on what’s happening right now. I also think you have great style. What are some of the best trends in your opinion coming out this summer?

    1. Thank you so much! It's so easy to do.
      My favourite trends are probably trainers (i'm a huge scruff at heart) and trench coats! I'm also really into the colour red right now ❣️