Thursday, 18 January 2018

Stick with it

Happy Thursday everybody! I love a Thursday. I hate Sunday’s, don’t mind Tuesday’s.
Thursday means Friday tomorrow, which makes for a very happy Al. Weekends seem to consist of outfit shooting and food, which is honestly perfection in my eyes.
I usually take my outfit pictures at the weekend because if you haven’t read my last post (you can totally read it here) I have a really shitty Monday to Friday job that is slowly sucking the life from my soul.

This week’s outfit was a bit of a mish mash, but I thought it kind of worked. I've never been able to pull off hats. I once bought THE nicest Fedora for £45 and accidentally scooped it up with my washing and it shrunk. Absolutely heartbreaking.
Saying that, I don’t have much luck with any kind of head wear. At my first holy communion (we’ll talk about that another time) someone set alight to my veil in the church. Haha the priest probably thought I was the devil. 

I’m really into this top, Topshop have it in yellow as well. It’s in the ‘Bright Ideas’ section which is very funky. I didn’t love the boots which is why I’ve cropped my feet in most of the pictures. So professional.

The point of this post was supposed to be about sticking ‘it’ out. I am really bad at sticking things out. Not so much work-wise, I like to get things done as soon as I’m given them at work, even if it means I make 1746 calls a day. It’s getting done. 
At work I’m a list writer but in my personal I'm a procrastinator.
I’ve been trying to get in shape for years, I’m pretty sure I’ve been moaning about my chunky thighs since school. There has been no avail.
So I recently started a diet, I’m nine days in so I’ll let you know how it goes.
Any low-calorie veggie meal ideas would be massively appreciated! Feel free to leave them in the comments.
It's not just fad diets that I can't stick to I do it with absolutely everything. I've tried to get this blog off the ground for maybe three/four years, but I get so disheartened that there are so many other girls like me trying to do the same thing.
And I absolutely want them to succeed as well, it just throws me off my game a little.
Especially when they look so damn good and because you didn't stick to your 23657th fad diet, you look like a damn potato.
My Saturday shoot got cancelled on Friday evening and the Moaning Myrtle in me was being a mega brat and decided blogging is not my calling in life, and there's no room for me (dramatic I know). Until, I got a text on Saturday morning from Ben’s cousin saying she had been reading through my posts and they were “so” good.
Firstly, what a fricken babe. Secondly, sometimes you just need a kick up the arse. 
The point is, even if we’re only getting 150 views that’s 150 people taking time out of their day to read all the crap I’m writing. So basically, I've realised I need suck it up and keep going. 
I like to think thing’s will work out eventually.

Anyway, here we are, 2018 and were sticking with it. 
The gym is killing me off entirely so let’s just hope I can get dressed for this weekend’s pictures.

I’ll see you guys back here then!

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