Thursday, 25 January 2018

Get involved!

Happy weekend eve!
Have I mentioned how much I love a Thursday? Because I do, I love them.  

Started my week with some campaigning. The Save our NHS Southend campaigners held a march through Southend High Street on Saturday afternoon to protest cuts being made to NHS services.
If you're not sure what's happening, in a brief round-up - there are millions of pounds being taken from hospital budgets, meaning critically ill patients are being transferred further afield - which is SO dangerous. Nurses are working a bazillion hours and people are literally dying.
At the risk of preaching, I gotta say, the NHS is so hugely important! If you don’t have any campaigns running in your local areas I would suggest you jump on a train to the closest one. We, will or have all needed the NHS at some point in our life an when its gone, its gone. 
If you can, round your pals and family, it's relevant to everybody and it was such a nice feeling to watch so many people trying to make things better. Every one of them is mad about the latest STP plans so they got their arses out of bed, cancelled their date with Netflix, wrapped up warm and joined the fight.
Honestly, it was such a warm and fuzzy Saturday, watching everybody – lots of kiddies as well.
I’m mad too, obviously. But it’s nice to see small positives come from such a shit show. 

Up until recently (probably just before Brexit and the latest election) I always just went with the flow but I've realised it is super important to get involved and know what's happening. Since Brexit I've met so many people who wish they had been more bothered. I guess that's relevant to everything we do. 

On a lighter note, this jumper! The coat! THE BOOTS. Omg.
I can’t get enough, I wore this jumper four times last week. There were multiple speed washes happening, so much so that the belt in my washing machine has broken haha.
It’s even softer than it looks, and it look pretty friggin soft right? Big up Pull & Bear I recommend that everybody buys one for a Sunday.
The trousers, are basically just jazzy legging’s, they’re ribbed and flared with a cute little white frilly hem. I’m definitely about these, and I’m pretty sure you could wear them to work with a nice blouse. If not the biggest chunky knit, you can find, will do.
The jacket is Lola May Clothing, I came across these guys on Instagram and I've gotta say, their customer service is brilliant. Super, helpful, incredibly quick dispatch, amazing quality and well the jackets fab as well. Five gold stars for these guys. 

I'm definitely all about saving the best until last so welcome to the stage - the ultimate emo boots. 
Since the age of 11, grunge Al has been madly in love with chunky biker boots. A big old Linkin Park hoodie with platforms boots. Hell yeah, throw in a couple of chains and we’re away.
Not much has changed really, I’ve been drooling over the Jadon Dr Martens, forever but the bank pretty much laughs in my face everyday so not happening. Instead, I only went and found the boots of emo dreams. As someone who has only ever been satisfied with a pair of DMs, let me tell you; I LOVE these boots.
Every outfit forever will now feature these boots.
The black eyelets and stitching makes them pretty subtle, so I might try my luck and wear them to work next week. I’ll let you know how that goes.

See you soon.


  1. That's a really cute jumper and those boots really set it off. Super cute and looks comfy.