Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 - you were a seven out of ten

Happy new year to the ten of you that will read this post haha – hi mum.
In the blogging spirit I thought I’d put a few words together about 2017. It was probably a seven out of ten for me, overall not too tragic but pretty unfulfilling.
The two thing’s I was desperate to do were, get a new job and do some travelling, both of which were accomplished. Not as successfully and planned but it happened.

I got a new job in July, and I hate it. Hahaha.
In January, obviously Ben and I booked America for April/May which was THE best thing about 2017 - I won’t bore you all with the details (you can read it here if you’re trying to pass the time before your train arrives).
I was hoping this would set the tone for the year but, negative. The trip cost a bomb so we held back from any big trips for the rest of the year.
We did spend a while surfing in Newquay in September. We rented our boards and suits from Quick Silver Surf School, we’ve used them a couple times, they’re the loveliest people, super helpful and friendly. We surfed at Fistral Beach which is one of my favourites, partially for the surfing but mostly for the pizza – The Stables is the spot.

Some music highlights of this year were Highly Suspect at Koko in Camden, Nothing but Thieves at O2 Academy Liverpool, Skepta in San Francisco and Queens of the Stone Age at O2 Arena London. 
As for 2018 we have, Highly Suspect in February, Arcade Fire and the Streets in April, Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters and Community Festival in July. 

The rest of the year was pretty much spent me nagging Ben to book another holiday.
And victory finally hailed last night! We’re off for a week in the sun followed by a weekend in Italy at the end of February. Turns out I’m quite the persuader.
Feel free to send positive energy my way because I’m going to attempt a month in the Philippines before the years out and I’m not sure my skills will stretch that far.

For 2018, I'm desperately hoping to get a new job (hopefully that will work out better than last time!). I'd also quite like to move to London. Travel-wise I'm lusting over Cuba and the Philippines - like I said Pray4Al.

I really, really, want to make some blogging pals this year. I'm going to up my content game and stop being a baby. Up until now I've been unbelievably nervous about sharing my blog on socials. I HATE having my photo taken and I often feel like drivelling on when I write a post - probably because I do it for a job also. Got to love those middle-aged men that comment on my stories telling me I'm a disgrace as a Journo and I can't write for shit - thanks Pete mate, I'll grab my coat. 

And on that note, I'm off. Here's to 2018, let me know what you guys have planned for the year.

P.S. The jeans, bodysuit and jacket are all in the sale. Go wild. 

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