Sunday, 19 November 2017

Trying to wear more colours

If you couldn't tell, I'm trying to wear more colours, but we will get onto that in a minute. 
Firstly, we must talk about how insane the QOTSA gig was!! Like, face-meltingly good, oh man, I wanna go again.
So, we saw Queens of the Stone Age on Tuesday at the O2 and they were un-friggin-believable.
I hadn’t listened to the new album too much before, and as someone who likes to know the words to every song, I was stressing out big time.
Fortunately for me the set-list was hair-raisingly good and I sang the night away.

Now onto what you came here for.
Over the years I seem to have taken all my style tips from Morticia and Wednesday - I don't hate it - but now it's time to branch out. 
I'm sure you can tell from the pictures that this is new territory for me ha. 
I kinda like it, I don't know, looking at pictures of an outfit I’ve worn always puts me off, is that normal? Probably not if you’re a blogger. Ah well.
The top hit new levels for comfort but it wouldn't tuck into my trousers properly; something that makes me unreasonably mad and for that reason it’s only getting a brief thumbs up.
The pin-stripe trousers are a delight, they’re so chill and a total bargain at £22. I’ve been wearing them to work incessantly.
The shoes are a big fat WIN at £57 plus ASOS have 20% off right now so they’re £45.60. Go ahead, type ASOS in that search bar, I’m almost done rambling anyway.

If you made it to the gig on Tuesday let me know what you thought! And if you bought those Converse, congrats, let me know how they feel.

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