Thursday, 2 November 2017

I need all of these shoes

Just a quick round-up of the shoes I’m considering selling an organ for. They’re all high-street so price wise, they are all winners, but being the greedy gal, I am, I want them all.
First up, the Fenty Puma – the Jeep of the shoe world – I adore these shoes. My mum, bought me the black velvet pair from last season for Christmas and they're so close to giving up.
I was a fan of the old school creepers that had a brief burst onto the scene in 2012 so when Riri made a trainer version, she fully deserved to be taking all my hard-earned money.
I mean just look at the lining.
Number one rule in life is that everybody should own a pair of Dr Martens.
The Dr Martens ‘Banzai Chelsea’, aren't the full Chelsea boot because I have a weird thing about there being a gap between my jeans and shoes. I need a bit of skin to break up the head-to-toe black.
I think they might actually be Juniors, but they go up to a size five anyway and they’re half the price so let not even question it. 
Lets talk about these Fila’s!! Aren’t they dreamy? Ben hates them I love them (I’ve been battling the same issue with dogs for six years – yes you should feel tremendously sorry for me) Although I would agree that they resemble Tweenies shoes, I think it’s part of their charm.
I can’t tell you a specific thing about these shoes that I love, I just love them. They’re big and chunky and I found myself ogling at everyone in Carnaby Street because I must have been the only person that didn’t have a pair.
Old-Skool Vans with a gum sole are my top pick every time. I do already have these, but I could never leave them off a shoe wish list.
Last up are the Vegan leather platform loafers – big up Nasty Gal for using four of my favourite words and creating these unreal shoes. Perfect for every occasion and they're £25!! and Vegan!!

Well, even if it’s done nothing else, this list has made me realise my love for a big fat chunky shoes.

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