Monday, 13 November 2017

We wen't to Liverpool for a gig

We're in Liverpool kids. Well we were, were not now because the buzzkill that is Monday came but nonetheless we had a fab time.  It was sort of a last minute trip in the sense that I packed an hour before we jumped on the train but we actually got the tickets to the gig a few months ago. Ben is Mr Gig McGee, he's always booking tickets, sometimes I'm sure he doesn't tell me until the week before and then say's I asked him to book them.  
The trip was mainly to see Nothing but Thieves - gotta support that homegrown talent - and for Ben to get a weekend free from holiday booking chat. They were incredible as always, two albums in and some absolute tunes - personal faves, I Was Just a Kid and Number 13. We sang, drank rum and had an absolute ball, so thanks to the guys for putting on a fucking awesome show.

It's all down to Boohoo for this damn cosy chunky knit, I wasn't keen at first because the body felt really short but it didn't me long to be converted. It's genuinely warm as well, which is a bonus with knits these days.
Black jeans of course, and the Missguided ankle boots - take a moment to fully appreciate - I swear to god I was beginning to lose my mind after the fifth attempt at buying these. Turn's out that sometimes you do just have to refresh the app on your phone every 20 minutes in order to win at life.
My new ride or die sunglasses (not sure that's a thing but it is now) they're friggin awesome though aren't they. If you do anything today, please buy these, you will not regret it. Perfect winter transition sunnies.

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  1. Love this outfit, that jumper is gorgeous! I really like your photos too! xx