Monday, 13 November 2017


I've been really looking forward to writing this post because the significance of the sweatshirt is fucking awesome. 

ASOS have teamed up with GLAAD, and for every hoodie sold, they will receive a £5 donation.
A+ and five gold stars for you ASOS, always supporting the movements.
In case you can't tell I'm really excited about this, I love when a huge brand get behind something so major and it helps that all of the pieces are ultimate weekend chill wardrobe. 

Side note:  Fuck Trump, buy one of these tees.

The eight-piece, gender-neutral collection includes sweatshirts, tees and jewellery, all illustrated with an, & to symbolise unity and acceptance.

Shop here --> ASOSxGLAAD

Just a quick note about GLAAD, over the last 30 years they have been working to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance through the media.
If you’re interested in finding out more about what they do and have done to bring America to where they are now check out their website – the timeline at the bottom of the page is fascinating.

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