Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Lush Bath Oils

Like half the female population I am so crazy for LUSH bath bombs, I'll make a bee-line for the  shelf and sniff my way through like I'm tasting flavours at the fro-yo shop. 

On my latest visit after an obligatory demo of the Golden Egg ! - OMG - I was introduced to the luxury bath oils, they're about a third of the size of a bath bomb and you can't actually hold them in your hands because they melt; looking back now this may have been the most superbly thought out sales tactic but I rushed to the counter anyway and here we are. 

First up is the 'Mmmelting marshmallow moment' this was my absolute favourite of the bunch its all about hydration and softening the skin. The smell is out of this world, the pink and yellow sparkles and the marshmallow and marigold powders make you feel like your bathing in a packet of Pick 'n' Mix, its delightful. It's also super good for dry hair thanks to the almond and coconut oil so as long as you're down with a little sparkle on your roots and tips it works a treat.

Next up is the 'Floating Island', if you're all about the jazzy pattern when it comes to your bathing products this ones not for you, its very subtle. It doesn't look much but the Organic Shea Butter leaves you silky smooth and the vanilla scent give your nostrils a little party.   

Last up we have 'You've been managoed' the most exotic of them all this little nugget literally packs a punch, it's full of Mango and Avocado butter lemon, lemongrass and lime oils - what could be better right? Absolutely nothing it's delicious. 

I would definitely recommend you grab some of these gems and stock them in your bathroom for when your sass levels are a little too high and you need to return to your roots. Theres something about the oil and and not trying to dodge a fizzing ball that makes them a little more relaxing.

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