Friday, 11 March 2016

OOTD: Working for free

This post was really more of a rant about the 'work experience' and 'intern' positions within certain industries that currently offer less than your daily train fair in financial support.You spend 2-4 weeks busying yourself around the office completing trivial tasks in hope that you will be the one out of a possible 22 interns annually, to draw their attention.
I've just finished a few days work experience at National Women's magazines, so instead taking of my frustration out on anyone I come across I'm going to give it to you lovely lot. Since my second year at Uni I've interned multiple times at two of the UK's leading publishers each time I was offered either a contribution of £12 per day or the cost of a return within zones 1-6, so not even close the full cost of my fare. During the two-week stint's I had to take un-paid holiday and had no income other than my parent's generosity, something that isn't available to everyone - this is an almost identical situation for many of their work experience students - not only that, a further 80% of Internships/Assistant job's I have since applied for require 1-2 years experience in the industry. In total I have spent more than six months as an intern at various magazines and online retailers all of which was unpaid, I'm now almost 22 and I'm certain that I couldn't afford to do it any longer. They say the magazine industry is at risk of collapsing, due to the advancements in technology but I think the attitude of these publishers is deterring the next generation of journalists. I won't be undertaking anymore unpaid position.

Now for the good stuff, Urban Outfitters BDG Herringbone Shirt (in white) love, love, love this shirt, the only problem I have is that as a novice ironer it's a little much to handle at times, on the comfiness scale it reaches pyjama levels. MOTO Washed Black Leigh Jeans - again; I know I'm going to have to mix it up soon but everyone has that one pair of ride or die jeans. My shoe's were an 18th birthday present so they're long gone unfortunately but it's a classic style shoe, Topshop have something similar. As for accessories my scarf is straight from a wooden chest in Camden market, the odds of finding the same one are probably against you but its fun digging through the boxes anyway. My H&M tassel clutch is no longer available to buy but they do have some similar online, sunglasses are Toyshades - IDA in Matte Sandstone, I think they've been discontinued but you should check out my Toyshades post anyway. The Pandora Shining Midnight Crystal Ring is available online, the heart band was made by my dad and the plain band was my own attempt, fortunately it's not for sale.

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